Over the last year or so, my company (TLA) has grown from an ebay store, to a PTY LTD with hundreds of customers from all over the world. This support has allowed me to develop my own range of custom engineered LED Light Therapy Devices.

Using all of my knowledge and 24 hour access to perhaps one of the largest ranges of LED Light Therapy devices on the planet, I have been able to bring together design aspects from literally 100s of inventers and product designers. From the continued support of TLA’s amazing customer base, we
have also been able to finance this massive undertaking, and for this I want thank each and every one of you.

Over the coming months, I will introduce you to my newest designs, begin taking pre-orders, and launching Infinite Light Therapy .com and .com.au
Several engineers and myself were involved in the planning, designing and building of this new range of products. No dime has been spared, no compromises have been made and what we have created is nothing short of revolutionary. It is my belief that these new and unique light therapy devices are the best in the world for a number of reasons that I will introduce to you over the coming months.

Please follow our journey and check back in over 2021 for our upcoming launch and pre-order dates, and to learn more about how we have changed the whole game. And of course, subscribe here for updates.

Infinite Light Therapy